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Bible Basics (What Every Christian Ought to Know)

by Glenn

Bible Basics by Deaconess Pat Haynes This blog is about Bible Basics ~ what every Christian Believer ought to know.  I am writing this blog to the women of our church family who may not be attending our ongoing Women Bible Study (WBS).  I am aware that there may be several reasons not to attend […]

The Power of Praise

by Glenn

“The Power of Praise” Elder Jim Shedd 9/15/18   Acts 16 covers a part of Paul’s second missionary journey (with Luke, Timothy, and Silas) when they are directed by the Holy Spirit  to leave Asia and go into Macedonia. Acts 16:6-10 Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been […]

A Legacy from Paul – yes Timothy, it was all worth it 

by Glenn

A Legacy from Paul – yes Timothy, it was all worth it  Introduction:  For anyone – Christian or not – it is fair to ask if following Jesus Christ with all the attendant problems this seems to bring  (especially in our society today) is really worth it.  Paul’s last letter addresses this very question to […]

Developing the discipline of praying for others Elder Homer Haynes

by Glenn

Pray for others too: Recently, as I contemplated my prayer needs, God spoke through the confusion I was experiencing: What about the needs of others? Don’t forget to petition God the Father for the needs of others. Immediately I remembered my numerous prayer lists, the members of my family, church family, single parents, singles, couples, […]

Dance before the Lord?

by Glenn

  Dance before the Lord? 2 Samuel 6:14                                                                                                                          And David danced before the Lord with all his might.   I’ve always loved to dance. I was a teenager in the 80’s when there were no rules to dancing. My friends and I would form a circle on the dance floor and take turns showing […]

Prayer, a powerful weapon: Elder Homer Haynes

by Glenn

Prayer, a powerful weapon: As I continue to mature in-Christ, I’ve come to the realization that prayer is the most valuable tool in the Christian tool chest. I need prayer, the people I meet need prayer, and the world needs prayer. There is not one day I’ve experience where prayer is not a factor in […]

God’s Ways

by Glenn

GOD’S WAYS   GOD’S WAYS: The biblical God is one who insists He will be seen in nature, and also is one who gives leave to chance (randomness) – he allows free will and injustice.  So is He in control?  The greatest point of contention between science and religion arises when believers insist God directly […]

Who is Jesus…..Really??

by Glenn

Paul, in his letter to the Colossians, writes in response to some false and destructive teachings on the gospel message being spread in the early years of Christianity.  These were not unique to that time, however, for we are faced with similar distortions today. Interestingly Paul never specifically identifies or confronts the actual false messages, […]

Matthew 6:12 Devotion

by Glenn

CBF Elder Devotion Matthew 6:12   “Forgive us our trespasses as forgive those who have trespassed against us. As part of the “Lord’s Prayer”, many of us may mention this passage almost automatically and not give much thought to what it actually says.  If we pay some attention on what we are really asking God here, […]

Ramblings about the Lord’s Prayer

by Glenn

ELDER DEVOTIONAL… As I mature in Christ, the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:1-4 increases in impact to my daily life. For example, I was taught the Lord’s Prayer in Sunday school as a little boy. I learned to blast through the prayer in record time, proud of the accomplishment. Nonetheless, I didn’t […]

“We Were Made in God’s Image”

by Glenn

 ELDER DEVOTION   “We Were Made in God’s Image”  Malachi 3:3  The Setting:  Malachi was written about 100 years after the Jews had  been restored to their homeland as part of the Persian Empire, and  was probably the last prophet of the OT era.  Although the Jews had been allowed to return from exile and rebuild […]

Loving God Together In An Ungodly World

by Glenn

  The church in Corinth was really hurting.  The Christians of Corinth were surrounded by temptation and immorality, just like we are today.  Corinth was the, Las Vegas of its day.  Pleasure and philosophy were worshiped above all. Instead of impacting this lost city with the gospel of Jesus Christ, the city was influencing the […]

Christmas Day Service

by Glenn

The Church will be open at 11:00 Am Christmas Day and all are invited to spend some time with our church family; singing, praying and sharing a meal.  If you have some open time during Christmas Day plan to stop by!  A short message will be presented by Elder Glenn Blue.  If you can, bring […]

The Time Between The Testaments

by Glenn

The Maccabees, Rome, and Herod By James Shedd – Community Bible Fellowship   The time between the Testaments was one of ferment and change; a realignment of traditional power blocs and the passing of Near Eastern cultural traditions that had lasted for almost 3,000 years.  The approximately 400 years between Malachi and the birth of […]

Stop Living In the Past

by olywebdev

Why do we struggle with the same old things?  Why do we find ourselves breaking that vows we made to God and ourselves?  Are we destined to go round and round, living in the fear of our future and the shame of our past?  Is living in a constant state of recovery all there is, […]

Coach of Men

by Glenn

We have all learned of Don James passing recently.  He was one of the most honored men that have coached University of Washington football since the school’s inception.  Many do not know how he continued to coach men in his later years. Kathryn and I visited four years ago a community next door to where […]