Mens Bible Studies

Mens Bible Studies

We will be starting up Men’s Bible study on Wednesday night, September 8th at 7:00pm, in person in the fellowship Hall.

We are going through the book, Experiencing God by Blackaby. In chapter 5 of the revised edition, Blackaby tells a story of new warden at Angola Prison in Louisiana, one largest and maximum security institutions in the US. As he was starting out, he felt led by the Holy Spirit to share his faith with a man who was soon being executed for his crimes. After the man came to a real faith before his execution, the warden sensed God was asking him to offer the study, Experiencing God, the same study he was going through at church, to the men at Angola prison.

God transformed many lives through that book study, some of whom were on death row. As a result, seven churches started in the prison with prisoners who were born again, serving as pastors. Violence, drug use and quality of life were all greatly impacted through these churches.

Soon other wardens around the country asked if they could have some prisoners from Angola prison transfer over to lead their prisoners through the Experiencing God study.

This is the same study that we will be going through, starting on September 8th and we would love to have you join us. My prayer is that God will begin a new blessing through this study in skyway.



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