Womens Bible Studies

Womens Bible Studies

Women’s Bible Study begins, Tuesday, September 14th.  We will meet here at the Church, in the Fellowship Room downstairs, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


We will be doing a Bible study called, “Stretch My Faith, Lord,” written by Juanita Purcell. Juanita and her husband, J.O., were in a pastoral ministry for more than 40 years. Juanita speaks at ladies’ retreats, banquets, and other seminars and conferences and is the author of 13 women’s studies.  She and her husband have three adult sons and 10 grandchildren.


This study is based on the Book of James, in the New Testament.  It is a very practical book, which is a collection of truths, arguments, questions, and challenges. It invades every area of our lives and explores every area of our personalities.  In five short chapters James touches topics from trials to the tongue, from the use of money to patience, from Bible reading to criticism, from temptation to prayer.


Do you want to be challenged to make some changes in your life?  Come join us join us ladies. The Lord has something wonderful for each one of us.  It will be fun to learn together and to support each other, as we make this journey.  We will be blessed!!


Questions: Please contact Margie Gurtner, at 206-909-7573