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Standing For Kingdom Culture Comes At A Cost

Standing For Kingdom Culture Comes At A Cost Is following Christ, in a post Christian culture worth it? I think it’s healthy to ask the question at a time when we are bombarded with the twisting of what’s good and bad in our society. What did the Apostle Paul say on this subject? 2 Timothy […]

Why Temptation is so Powerful?

Why Is Temptation So Powerful? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your desire to do what you know is wrong? Why does sin have such a strong magnetic force that at times it seems to have a stronger pull than our faith? Is there any way we can overcome our sinful nature? I’m sorry to […]


ASSURANCE OF SALVATION Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seed; Matthew 13 –The sower (the Holy Spirit) and the seed (God’s Word) are effective and good, but the field  or soil must accept and allow the seed to take root and grow.  The context is about how receptive and open we (people) are to […]


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