As we look around at all the anger and hate in our divided country and around the world, we are challenged with the possibility that End Times could take place in our lives. Some believers are preparing for this possibility by moving to the middle of nowhere, buying guns, and preparing for Armageddon. Others are quietly feeling overwhelmed and emotionally caving. With all the bad information out there on the web, we that we should preach and teach on end times with a focus on the hope we have in Christ Jesus. As we’ve started this new series on End Times, there have been a lot of questions about the book of Revelation, so I wanted to send out a simple outline to help people understand and feel more confident in going through the book. I hope it is an encouragement to you and helps you see God’s guiding hand in times like these.
Pastor Matthew

Outline of the Book of Revelation
Chapter 1 Introduction and Outline of Revelation

Chapters 2-3 Letters to the Seven Churches Ephesus: The Church of No Love Smyrna: The Church of Suffering Pergamos: The Church of Evil City Thyatira: The Church of Adultery Sardis: The Church of the Dead Philadelphia: The Church of the Faithful Laodicea: The Church of the Repulsive The Church Age The death, burial, resurrection of Christ and the descent of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 4 The Throne in Heaven The Rapture (Christ comes to take the Church)

The Tribulation Chapters 5-8:6 The Scroll with the Seven Seals 1-The White Horse: The Conquering Deceiver 2-The Red Horse: The Assassin’s Sword of Death 3-The Black Horse: The Assault of Famine 4-The Pale Horse: Outbreak of Pestilence and Death 5-The Souls Under the Altar: The Martyrs 6-The Terrified World: Hiding in Caves in Fear The 144,000 Jewish Preachers God’s Blessing and grace 7-The Silence: The Golden Censer

Chapters 8:7- 11:19 The Seven Trumpets 1-There’s hail, fire and blood. 2-A mountain thrown into the sea. 3-The star Wormwood. 4-One third of the sun, moon and stars are hit. 5-The plague of the locusts. 6-The release of the four angels. The Two Witnesses 7-Disaster on earth while there’s worship in heaven.

Chapters 12-14 The Counterfeit Trinity The Dragon (Antigod) The Beast (Antichrist) The False Prophet (Antispirit)
The war in Heaven Satan’s fall from heaven The beast from the sea The beast from the earth The Lamb and the 144,000 Bloodshed for 200 miles

Chapters 15-16 The Seven Bowls: The earth’s worst days 1-The Painful Sores 2-The sea turns to blood 3-The rivers and streams become blood 4-The people are singed with fire 5-The darkness 6-The Euphrates river dries up 7-Terrible Earthquakes (Armageddon)
Chapters 17-19 The End of false religion and the collapse of the world market. The Second Coming Jesus comes with the angels and the Church.
Marriage Supper of the Lamb Millennium
Chapter 20:1-6 The 1,000 Year Reign of Christ and the Saints A time of peace will last for a millennium.
Chapter 20:7-14 The Great White Throne of Judgement The Lake of Fire: Satan, demons, and sinners are separated from God.
Chapters 21-22 The New Heaven and the New Earth For Eternity!