We all struggle with a heart of a Pharisee

We all struggle with a heart of a Pharisee

We all struggle with a heart of a Pharisee

We have a lot of people struggling with isolation and depression. Last week God challenged me with Matthew 15:18 as I was thinking about people who I disagreed with. I wrote down some questions realizing I needed to repent. This exercise helped me, and I hope it helps you.

Matthew 15:18      

But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.

Do you struggle with mistrusting the words and actions of others?

Do you no longer accept what an offender says, but you listen with criticism, and doubt?

Has the offender’s integrity become suspect and motives mistrusted?

Do you have an obsession with the perceived flaws of others?

Do you notice the offender’s habits and imperfections which previously were unimportant or went unnoticed?

Do you unconsciously begin to look for them every time you sees the offender?

Do you dwell on the offender’s perceived shortcomings that soon they glare at you, causing them to become the offender’s new identity?

Do you choose separation?

Has a wedge of mistrust divided you from offenders?

Does communication break down because of judging other’s hearts?

Do you believe that the offender is the problem?


Is God asking you to forgive, ask for forgiveness, or repent?

Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through Matthew 15:18.                           

Are there any action steps you need to take to make things right?