Rejuvenation Youth

When: Sunday 11:00-12:00

Who: Junior High- High school students

Rejuvenation is gathering of young people worshiping, encountering and serving God. We believe that YOU belong before you believe. Our purpose is to reach those from all walks of life who don’t know Jesus and encourage those who do.

Our Mission is building, leading, and renewing young people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through the gospel; So that they may get equipped to go out and rejuvenate where ever God has called them.


Our Youth Director Isaac Shorack

Bio: Isaac Shorack lives in Renton, and is the son of our lead pastor Matthew Shorack. Isaac was born, adopted and raised the first 6 years of his life in Uganda Africa. Isaac has grown up in the church his whole life, but recently had a radical encounter with God. Now Isaac has a calling on his life to lead young people and be a voice to and for this generation. As a young man, Isaac plans to go to school at Northwest University and continue on the road of seminary education. Isaac is a life guard and part time youth leader and spreads the Gospel where ever he can. God has blessed Isaac with the ability to reach all demographics of people in Washington. We as a church support Isaac and the vision God has given him for the youth ministry.


Message form Isaac Shorack:

Hey guys, thanks so much for checking out Rejuvenation. If you are interested at all in coming, I would like to personally invite you and look forward to seeing you at our Sunday morning youth service. We are full of vibrant worship, and our hope and prayer is that you would take away form a message that encourages, inspires and impacts you to grow closer to Jesus and live more like Jesus, so that you can rejuvenate wherever God has you. Hope to see you soon, I’d love to meet you IMG_0121