Tall Trees, Deep Roots Acts 1-4

My wife and I were missionaries in Uganda for six years. While there we went to the Bwindi Impenetrable forest in Southwest Uganda to see the mountain gorillas. The Park their boarders the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is 124 square miles. There are 163 species of trees that house and protect 214 bird species, 129 mammal species, and 202 butterfly species. These tall trees have deep roots and are able stand despite the harsh weather.

How can the church stand strong when there are cultural storms hitting us from all sides? What are we to stand for?

What is Church? Why do we exist? What’s our purpose? What’s the DNA of a healthy church? The Greek word “ecclesia,” which we translate “church,” literally means,” a calling out.”                             The question that confronts us today is this: What exactly has the church been “called out” to be and do?