Pride Comes Before… (Obadiah)

Pride Comes Before… (Obadiah)

Obadiah 1:1-21
Twelve Minor Prophets With Major Life Lessons

The Edomites and the Israelites had a shared ancestry. Abraham and Sarah had Isaac who married Rebekah. They had two sons Jacob and Esau who didn’t get along.

(Genesis 25-27)
Later Jacob was named Israel and Esau became Edom. This eventually became the names of the two families who descended from them who also didn’t get along, but they still shared a family background. Edom betrayed Israel and that’s when Babylon defeated Israel. Then Edom plundered Israelite cities, and captured and killed their refugees. (Psalms 137:7 & Ezekiel 35)

Obadiah 1-14
There are poems about God’s accusations and judgement on Edom for their pride and self-praise. They lived up high in the mountains, but they also relationally looked down on Israel and that’s why they Joined Babylon and took part in Israel’s defeat.

So God Says through Obadiah that Edom will be brought down and defeated just like they helped defeat Israel


Obadiah 1:16-21
The Day Of The Lord is for all nations.

All Nations that act like Edom in their power, will experience God’s justice and will fall and be defeated.

Obadiah’s see’s Edom’s pride and fall as an image of how God will one day confront the pride of all nations.

But Obadiah doesn’t end this book with Judgement. It ends with the hope of God’s Kingdom over all the nations.


God will restore His kingdom over the new Jerusalem. He will populate this kingdom with a faithful remnant.

This ancient pride and betrayal of Edom, is an example of all humanities pride, and all the ways we sin against each other.

But there is Hope!

God will deal with our sin and establish His kingdom over all nations.

Where in your life does pride cause you act like Edom?

How can you humble yourself and experience God’s blessing.