God Restores (Joel)

God Restores (Joel)

Joel 1:1-3:21
Twelve Minor Prophets With Major Life Lessons (Series)

Historical setting:
Six of the minor Prophets minister to Judah. Obadiah, Joel, Micah, Nahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk.

Joel was most likely written during the time of Ezra and Nehemiah after coming home from exile. Joel quotes from 8 other Old Testament Books.

The Day of the Lord When God confronts evil and saves.


Two Parallel Poems:
1) Joel 1:1-20 -PAST Day
Locus swarm Egypt/Israel
People called to repentance
Joel repents
Exodus 10

2) Joel 2:1-17 -FUTURE Day
Locus swarm Jerusalem
Change your ways
Leads the priests to repent
Exodus 34:6


God’s love and grace is more powerful than His wrath.

Joel 2:18-27 God’s 3 responses to Joel and the people.

God will defeat the attackers. (2:20-21)
God will renew the land. (2:22-26)
God will establish a presence with His people. (2:27)

Joel 2:27– 3:21
By looking at the past “Days of the Lord”, Joel see’s a future “Day of the Lord”.

Joel writes 3 poems that harmonize with a God’s responses to Joel and the people. Then Joel merges scripture from other books and develops a picture of Hope for all creation.

1) (Joel 2:27) Poetically becomes a future promise that God’s Spirit will not just fill the temple, but all of His people. (Joel 2:28-32) Joel uses scripture from Isaiah 32:15&44:3; Jeremiah 31:31-34; Ezekiel 36:23-28 to show that in the future God’s spirit will empower His people to follow Him.

2) (Joel 2:20-21) Defeating the Locus poetically becomes destroying the powerful and oppressive nations Joel turns to Isaiah 13, Zephaniah 3, Ezekiel 38-39 for a future promise that God will deal with evil for all nations. that dominate the people. (Joel 3:1-16)

3) (Joel 2:22-26) Restoring the devastated land becomes a hope for the renewal of all creation. (Joel 3:17-21)

He turns to Isaiah 35; Ezekiel 47; Zechariah 14 to show that God’s final day of Justice will be followed by a renewing of the world.

Joel’s poem ends with God’s new beginning for creation.