Giving Up Your Idols (Series)

Giving Up Your Idols (Series)

Have you ever wondered if you’re the only one who struggles with the hypocrisy of not living out what you know to be true? How can a believer know God’s word and be so casual in not being a doer of the word? Is there a way to experience love, joy, peace and the rest of the fruit of the Spirit in a growing way in a world that is getting more and more divided and anti-Christian?

The answer isn’t trying to figure out how to sin less, the answer is only found in who and how we worship. We all worship something, but for most people idol worship is as far as it goes. The idols we worship have changed over the years but the lies of the enemy haven’t.

Join us as search God’s word together in our new series, “Giving Up Your Idols (Series)”. Together, let’s experience the joy of letting go of the idols of our day and growing in our worship of Jesus Christ.

THIS WEEK  10-11  The Idol of Distractions


Pastor Matthew Shorack