Finding Peace In The Storm (Series)

Finding Peace In The Storm (Series)

New Series Intro

A few days ago I finished a 14 day quarantine. I was able to think for the first time in a while and my chest and bones no longer ached, so I decided to go for a short walk. I hadn’t been able to listen to the news, so I was in the dark about how things with the Coronavirus had progressed. As I walked pass the house’s I saw lots of cars in the driveways and many people looking out their windows. When I got home from the walk my children told me I couldn’t even go to a coffee shop to work on my computer. All of the sudden all of those faces in the windows made sense. confusion and fear.


How do we make sense out of what’s happening to our world? Should we reach out to our neighbors and if so how? Why is God allowing this kind of sickness and death?

Join us as we look to God’s word for answers to the question’s we are all asking.



Pastor Matthew