Autumn/Winter 2017 CBF Adult Bible Study


Jesus – Our High Priest Forever


CBF’s Sunday morning Bible Study continues on October 8 when Elder Jim  Shedd will begin a session on the NT letter to the Hebrews.  The focus on Christ is different from that of the Gospels and the apostolic letters, as we we are given a wider view of who Jesus really is; not only our savior and source of life, but also our High Priest.  Why do we need a High priest?  Glad you asked, as the author reminds us of Christ’s work; (1) His Sacrifice; the one and perfect sacrifice, (2) the one connection between us and God, and (3) our Mediator; bringing two opposite parties (sinful man and Holy God) together. Remember Jn 14:6 “I am the way, truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except  through me.”


There are always dangers of our faith losing its edge and becoming stale where we no longer enjoy a vibrant and exciting relationship with Jesus Christ.  We need to be reminded of our access to God through Christ’s sacrifice; His priesthood and mediation as our advocate.  This letter, originally written to Hebrew (Jewish) Christians, is just as important for us today, as we too are “sons (and daughters) of Abraham and need the encouragement this letter provides.  So please join us downstairs, 9:30 on Sundays as we embark on this adventure together.