After a Summer break, CBF’s Adult Bible Study will restart on 16 September at

9:30 downstairs.  During the next few months Elder Jim Shedd will lead a study of Jesus’  “Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew chapters 5 – 7) to support and complement

Pastor’s sermon series in accord with the study guides provided.

These chapters in Matthew’s gospel cover Jesus Christ’s progressive revelation of and commentary on the Law.  You might wonder why this is important, after all aren’t we under Grace?   Yes, however God’s “Laws” reflect who He is; His character which does not change.  Jesus says that God’s Law will not be modified or change, so. what does this mean to those under grace?

Jesus’ great sermon provides us the answer by giving us a deeper understanding of who God is in terms we can relate to, thus strengthening our faith and equipping us to better model Him as we serve as His ambassadors in this world.

A blessing, a win all around – – – so please join us on this journey.

Sunday mornings, 9:30 – 10:15, downstairs.